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Why Work with an MSP: Common Questions from Non-Profits – How Does Your Pricing Work?

Pro Tip: Make a Fair Comparison 

Cost is a big concern for non-profits. If this is your first go around seeking an MSP, you might be overwhelmed by the various pricing options and what would work best for your organization.

Perhaps you’ve dealing with limited services that have been added randomly in a patchwork manner, or have been paying for support as needed. An MSP agreement will provide more of a holistic approach and allow you to become more strategic for a set monthly price.

But, you need to be clear on what you are getting for the price. When it comes to evaluating and comparing MSPs, pricing can get confusing. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Be sure to get clear answers on how the pricing works and exactly what the pricing package includes. When comparing pricing packages, the MSP should take the time to explain what is included in each of those packages and how it will support your mission and propel your non-profit forward.

Non-profits require a modern and nimble strategy that works with a cost-conscious organization’s budget. Cookie cutter pricing packages may not be the right fit for your organization. An MSP who understands the concerns of non-profits will work to create a budget and pricing structure that fits your specific organization and goals.

Here Are Some Of The Most Common Questions We Get Around Pricing:


How does your pricing work?

Most MSPs offer flat-rate pricing for a set package of services based on the number of users in your organization.

A fully-managed MSP agreement can support all your technology, from the phones to the computers, to all the technology running in the background that you don’t think about but is essential to the fulfillment of your mission. Some non-profits will opt for a co-managed option where we work together with your internal team. In that case, we create a pricing structure to fit that arrangement that meshes with your budget.

Do you offer non-profit pricing?

An MSP that understands non-profit organizations will offer a value-based pricing structure to keep you focused on mission fulfillment. We have experience partnering with non-profit organizations and have adopted a non-profit pricing mindset to address your budget concerns. We also know how to make use of special non-profit discounts from vendors.

Does the pricing include more than break/fix?

value-based approach includes more than just fixing things when they break. Our pricing includes a comprehensive IT plant that supports your organization’s goals, promotes technical alignment, and helps you plan for future growth.

A comprehensive and strategic plan includes these elements:

      • Centralized services
      • Proactive technology management
      • Security suites, documentation, optimization, backups, all the things that keep your network running efficiently
      • Dedicated network administrator
      • Dedicated vCIO for technical consulting
      • Security roadmaps to help you understand the business impact and risks of technology
      • Customer support with guaranteed response times
      • Vendor management
      • License reconciliation
      • Pressure-tested disaster readiness and recovery plans
      • Vendor support — if you’ve ever had to call Microsoft for help you will understand the value of having someone else to do that for you.

If your MSP doesn’t offer these strategic services, keep looking for a MSP partner who has a better understanding of what is required to keep non-profits on the path to mission fulfillment.

Straight Edge Technology‘s non-profit pricing is structured to allow your organization to get strategic while working toward mission fulfillment. Our non-profit MSP packages include a technology roadmap that includes budgeting for now and into the future as your organization evolves and grows, as well as fortified cybersecurity with a cohesive strategy and technology that works together to protect against security events that could lead to serious loss.

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