Spam Protection

Spam Protection that reduces security risks

We have all experienced the wasted time and energy that goes into receiving spam messages in our email inbox.

Most of us have also had the frustration of not receiving relevant emails because they were sent to our spam folder.

Finding spam protection that is tailored to your business needs can be difficult.  Most email programs have filters that you can edit and personalize, but they take time to set up and often are not entirely full-proof.

Straight Edge Technology understands the frustration of spam and how it negatively affects your business.  That is why they offer spam protection to small and medium-sized businesses in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding area.

How much is spam costing your company?

Having unreliable spam protection is similar to having a small headache:  It’s not a huge issue, but you always have it nagging you in the back of your mind.

Generic spam filters will sometimes see a new client or service as spam, so we feel obligated to check our spam emails several times a week.  Plus, some messages that are spam still reach our inbox.

This results in lost time, frustration, and potentially lost important emails.  According to some reports, companies are losing around $712 per year on each employee due to this lost time!

Your team should not need to worry about spam.  Straight Edge Technology offers a comprehensive spam protection strategy that allows you and your team to focus on the important emails.

Reduce your IT security risks

Spam is the primary way that malware, ransomware, and other security risks are spread and passed.  Even if you know a message is spam, it only takes one accidental click to allow a virus onto your network.

Having dedicated spam protection protects your company’s IT from receiving and opening any spam emails that contain malicious programs.

Increase workplace efficiency

Dedicated spam protection protects you and your team from wasting time filtering out emails that are not important, and it also makes sure relevant emails don’t accidentally get flagged as spam.

This results in fewer distractions and more time that can be focused on projects and work that help your business move forward in its goals.

Whether it is improving your business, brainstorming new products, or serving your customers, having quality spam protection will protect you from wasting time and energy on useless spam.

Straight Edge Technology knows you and your team want to focus on your work, not monitoring your inbox for spam messages.  We will work with you in developing a dedicated spam protection strategy so that you only receive the emails that grow your business.

If you want to know more about our spam protection solutions, or our other IT services in San Antonio, TX, then contact us today to schedule your 30-minute Discovery Call!

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