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Limit Potential Threats, Meet Compliance Regulations and Protect Sensitive Data
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Which Industries or Organizations Deserve to be Protected From Cyber Criminals?
All of them!

You might believe that a cyber-attack will never happen to you. However, your organization is not chosen as a target based on size or industry; you are chosen by tools and vulnerability.

If you are attacked, you might assume that you can just recover from backups. However, recovering from backups doesn’t stop your data from being sold to other cyber criminals on the dark web.

Maybe you think that you cannot afford cybersecurity. In the current threat landscape cybersecurity is the cost of doing business like insurance; you will be grateful when you need it.

A Stark Reality

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What is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)?

A managed cybersecurity service provider (MSSP) is a simple and cost-effective solution to mitigate & respond to threats, protect sensitive data, and fortify compliance requirements.

MSSPs can streamline and simplify security and compliance management.

Organizations rely on Straight Edge Technology to deploy a right-sized cybersecurity program working with internal IT staff or fully managing their IT & security.

Straight Edge Technology’s preventative strategy combines best practices with powerful threat detection tools to respond swiftly to potential cyberattacks.

Is Your Organization Compliant?

A trusted MSSP also complies with security and privacy compliance, regulations, and laws, such as SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO, and PCI DSS by learning your business.

Straight Edge Technology right-sizes security offerings and programs that align to regulatory control requirements.

Our solutions include advanced threat detection & hunting, encryption, phishing training, security awareness training, advanced anti-virus, EDR, 24x7 True MDR, SOC, SIEM, access controls, and internal & external audits.

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Why Choose Straight Edge Technology As Your Trusted MSSP?

Straight Edge Technology has over 17 years of experience improving security postures and protecting organizations within a variety of industries.

Our framework core is to Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover to achieve desired outcomes.

When you partner with Straight Edge Technology as your Managed Security Services Provider you can leverage the experience of our trained security professionals to fortify your business

Most small and mid-size organizations lack the staff, tools, and success measures to effectively address cybersecurity threats coming at them day in and day out.

If your home were to catch fire at 2:00am you wouldn’t just expect smoke detectors to go off; you would also expect a fast response from the local authorities.

Straight Edge Technology hunts real-time threats, monitors, rapidly deploys agents, to protecting your environment.

The Straight Edge Cybersecurity Process:


Managed Cybersecurity Benefits

 A Cost-Effective Way to Achieve Better Cybersecurity

 Reduced Financial & Reputational Risks

 Increased Compliance

 Protect Your Customers & Reduce Exposure

 Focus on Your Business & Growth

Make Your Organization Safer & More Secure!

Our preventive strategy combines best practices with powerful threat detection tools to help battle cyberthreats and respond faster to security incidents.

We use a proactive, offensive approach to stay ahead of cybercriminals by adding continuous monitoring, real-time threat detection, and active response.

An MSSP acts as an extension of your IT team to help you assess your risk profile, prepare incident response, and deliver the technology to help prevent and respond to cybersecurity treats.

Managed Security Services are a simple and cost-effective way to limit potential threats, meet compliance regulations and protect sensitive data.

Organizations rely on their MSSP partner to manage their cybersecurity, keep up on the latest threats, and protect against those threats.


“I just wanted to tell you that everyone here, including myself, have been very impressed with your company’s service and professionalism. We have received more service in the short time that we have been with your company than we received from our previous IT company in an entire year. You are also solving issues that the previous company was either unable or unwilling to address.”

- Titan Support Systems


“We had been with our IT person for years and had outgrown them. We were really afraid to change and didn’t know what to expect. Straight Edge Technology way exceeded our expectations. They were seamless in the transition. Their professionalism and promptness is AMAZING! I highly recommend Straight Edge Technology! They are the IT company you need to go with!"

- Kim W. Texas Vein & Vascular/TW Medispa


“We reached out to Straight Edge Technology after some IT issues cost us a really big bid. I would definitely recommend their services. They were quick, professional and great for our dealership!”

- Matt W, Cycle Plaza


Our security stack, framework, team, and best practices combine together to protect your network and systems against cyber attacks.


We foster a collaborative relationship with your leadership and IT team as trusted security advisors. With your cybersecurity fortified, you have the peace of mind to focus on growing your organization.


We do not use a break/fix approach. Using industry-standard tools, best practices and our expertise we we proactively protect your assets by reducing weak points and reduce the time it takes to respond to threats, providing real value.

Industries We Support With Cybersecurity Services:

Learn how we can help your business grow.

  • Construction

  • Non Profits

  • Law Firm IT

  • Manufacturing

  • Oil & Gas

About Straight Edge Technology

Since 2006, Straight Edge Technology has been hyper focused on building high quality IT & Cyber Security solutions, collaborative relationships, beautiful end-user experiences, and job creation within the communities we serve.

We are passionate about creating secure, reliable, and compliant networks so you can focus on mission fulfillment.

Our best-in-class service and high- quality solutions will leave you with security, stability, a peace of mind, and increased productivity.

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