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Our proven strategies and approach give you the freedom to focus on your business and customers during this difficult time.
Peace Of Mind
Increase Productivity
Security and Stability

You Need Outsourced IT That Works So You Can Focus On What Matters

You should be free to focus on your team and customers during your work day, and leave the frustrating headache of managing technology behind.

The team at Straight Edge Technology is here to provide the outsourced IT support and customer service you need so you can focus on your business.

We understand how stressful IT can be, and we want to remove that stress from your day.

What’s our goal? To give you time and freedom to focus on what matters: your team, your customers, and your business.


Many tech companies play the “firefighter role.” They take care of problems after they arise and take care of the damage.

Straight Edge Technology goes one step further.

We understand that IT plays a significant role in business strategy, and we provide the IT support, technology, and tech framework you need to grow your business, not just put out the “tech fires.”

Our custom Technology Roadmap for your company does exactly that – it lays out the path that your technology should take to help your business grow by making your team more efficient and effective.

Stop band-aiding your company’s IT issues! Instead, feel empowered with a long-term plan and continued support that takes your WHOLE business into account, not just part of it.

At Straight Edge Technology, our goal is to provide the best IT support and services available for Castle Hills, TX, and the greater area.


Our tech team serves Castle Hills and the rest of the greater San Antonio metropolis.  With dedicated 24/7 IT tech support, your business is always in good hands with the Straight Edge team.


The City of Castle Hills, TX is a small city located in Bexar County and part of the larger San Antonio metropolis.  However, it has many independent services to its own city including 911 dispatch (fire and police), public works departments, and city government and zoning.  In 2010, it had a population of 4,116.  The city consists of 2.5 square miles of land and covers the zip code 78213.


With its close proximity to San Antonio, some of the city services are provided by San Antonio, such as drinking water.  The city does have two schools in its city limits:  Castle Hills Elementary and Jackson Keller Elementary School.  Parts of the middle schools and middle schools serving Castle Hills are located outside of the city limits.


Although the city is small, it holds business and commerce potential.  As the City’s Business Information page states:  “Castle Hills is centrally located in the San Antonio metropolitan area. The close proximity to the medical center area, outstanding college and universities, a short 15 minute drive to downtown San Antonio and a mere five minutes to San Antonio International Airport makes Castle Hills a business-friendly location. Businesses in Castle Hills are easily accessible with major business corridors located along local thoroughfares and major highways. Castle Hills has well-established neighborhoods and some of the areas most outstanding schools, creating a diverse stable residential environment. The City of Castle Hills offers small-town amenities including a transparent city government to assist with the establishment of your business while building a long term lasting relationships with city elected officials and staff. Castle Hills offers the small town amenities nestled in one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country.”


If you are a business owner or manager in the city, or surrounding areas and county, and looking for IT services that support and help grow your business, then contact our team today and get your custom quote!