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Anyone who regularly works on a computer knows the distractions that are continuously faced while working.

With a computer in front of our face and a phone by our side, it is our natural tendency to be distracted by messages, alerts, and notifications that are not work-related.

Maybe a friend sent us an instant message, or someone commented on our Facebook or Instagram feed, or the latest Youtube viral video was recommended to us to watch.  

Every time our mind is drawn from our work and to a distraction, especially if it is related to entertainment or social media, we lose mental efficiency and begin wasting time.

The result is wasted time during the workday, decreased efficiency from employees, and mental roadblocks caused by distractions.

Straight Edge Technology understands the importance of being focused and efficient during the workday, and they provide web filtering and network firewalls to small and medium-sized businesses in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Web Filtering

There are plenty of ways to waste time on the internet, and they are not all bad.  The problem is when these sites begin wasting our time, efficiency, and energy while we are at work and on company time.

Straight Edge Technology provides web filtering that allows customized access to sites for each employee.  Depending on their role, employees will need different levels of access to certain sites, and web filtering service is fully customizable to account for these roles.

For example, Facebook is lost company time for most employees.  However, your marketing team needs access to Facebook to post company updates, monitor company Facebook messages and traffic, and work with Facebook ads.

Web filtering needs to be customizable to each specific employee, and Straight Edge Technology’s web filtering allows this to be done easily and quickly.

Network Firewall

Your network and IT solutions need to be fully protected from outside attacks and hackers.  Every business understands the importance of keeping customer records and business secrets secure, but the problem is knowing the best way to do it.

We all know there are plenty of viruses, malware programs, and hackers who would love to steal or corrupt sensitive information.

Straight Edge Technology offers a comprehensive network firewall that will protect your IT network, programs, and hardware.  Our trained technicians will ensure that your business is fully protected, and our team is available with 24/7 support.

If you want to know more about our spam protection solutions, or our other IT services in San Antonio, TX, then contact us today to schedule your 30-minute Discovery Call!

Straight Edge Technology also offers the following services in the San Antonio area:

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