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Network Security

With today’s programs, applications, and servers all connected on the internet, securing your network has never been more critical.

In fact, research shows that 42% of small businesses experienced a cyberattack, just within the last year!

You can protect your data, but it won’t happen without some effort.

Network security takes more than simply making sure you have a firewall or virus protection. It is also important to make sure programs and hardware drivers are updated, security patches are installed, and programs are up-to-date.

Does that sound like a lot of stressful nonsense to you? That’s ok, you’re not alone.

Depending on the size of your business, creating a secure network for your IT systems can be stressful, time consuming, and expensive.

Straight Edge Technology offers network security and monitoring to small and medium-sized businesses in Corpus Christi, TX and San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding area.

Do you want to leave your network security in the hands of trusted professionals? Are you ready to leave IT stress and lost time behind, and find the freedom to focus on growing your business and team?

Why did you start your business?

Most likely because you had a passion, or saw a need in the world. In other words, accountants want do accounting, doctors want to care for patients, and architects want to design homes — not keep their technology working.

Unfortunately, keeping your business network secure takes a lot of time. Many companies find that they lost time and working hours developing and maintaining their own network security.

On top of that, they hated almost every minute of that lost time.

Straight Edge Technology offers an all-in-one security solution called Unified Threat Management (UTM).

UTM combines all the IT security that you need into one device. This means that as long as the UTM is updated and running properly, all the other network-connected devices will be updated and secure.

Once the UTM is set up and running, keeping your network security updated and running efficiently is quick and easy.

And if there are any problems with the UTM or network monitoring, Straight Edge Technology offers 24-hour network support.

You shouldn’t have to waste your precious time and energy doing something you hate. Let us take care of it!

business growth planning with network security

Research and studies show that the average employee wastes around 2 hours per day of company time by using the internet for personal use.

That’s a lot of time, but you can’t micromanage or force your employees to stay on task, right? Actually, with our UTM you can!

Straight Edge Technology’s UTM allows you to monitor and control your network’s content as well as the security. This enables you to have control over the content that is accessible to employees, and it can be customized for each individual if necessary. By regulating the use of time-consuming sites, such as video streaming or social media sites, you can increase your team’s productivity and focus on the job.

If you are ready to experience the freedom to focus on growing your business and team instead of worrying about your network security, then contact Straight Edge Technology today!

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