WE manage it, cloud and network services for business and medical practices

Our proven strategies and approach give you the freedom to focus on growing your business

WE manage it, cloud and network services for business and medical practices

Our proven strategies and approach give you the freedom to focus on growing your business
get time back with managed IT

All of that time you spent trying to fix IT issues yourself? All of that time you spent in frustration, restarting computers, software, etc. while on a deadline? All of that time you spent worrying about whether or not you have access to information you need to grow your business and keep your clients happy? You get that time back.

Increase productivity with managed IT

When technology works it does amazing things for your productivity. Straight Edge has worked with companies and medical practices to make technology easy and and uncomplicated. You deserve to put your energy towards building your business and increasing your bottom line.

we manage IT so you can focus on your business growth

Technology issues consume your time, energy, and brain power. Before you know it, you have spent all day trying to fix a tech problem- only made worse by the fact that work has stalled as a result. With Smart Edge Tech a the helm, your focus will be on managing your people and nurturing your clients, not on technology issues.

"Hiring Straight Edge Technology is the best decison we ever made."
Managed IT

We know that not every business has the capacity to hire a full time CIO- and we believe you really shouldn’t have to. We have acted as the CIO for over 40 companies in Central and South Texas- on call with attention to detail- making your tech life easier. We also know that you can’t control when emergencies happen. We have successfully managed various crises ranging from hurricane aftermath to downed servers through our 24/7 commitment to your tech needs.

Straight Edge Technology Roadmap

Technology should be helping you grow, not holding you back. If you aren’t sure of what to do next, we create a custom Technology Roadmap for your business. We will work with you to fully understand your business goals and how technology can get you

Network security services

Feel secure in the fact that you will never get hacked, lose client information, or find yourself unprepared when disaster strikes, again.

straight edge technology plan

We will spend time learning about your business.
What are your needs and how does technology play a role?


Once we get a true feel for your business and technology goals, you will receive a custom Technology Roadmap for your ongoing IT needs.


No more tech speedbumps. Running your business will feel less stressful as you focus on your people and overall strategy, not tech issues.

we are not your average tech company

The problem? Most tech companies focus solely on IT issues. Your server is down, you’ve been hacked, you need software help and updates, etc.

Straight Edge Technology goes one step further. We understand that IT plays a large role in business strategy. If your business goals and your IT goals are not aligned, you will find yourself frustrated, hitting wall after wall, with little time to grow and develop your business.

We use our Technology Roadmap to evaluate your business goals AND your IT needs and then continue to offer proactive support to make sure they are in alignment.

Stop bandaiding your IT issues and, instead, feel empowered with a long-term plan and continued support that takes your WHOLE business into account, not just part of it.


Top-notch managed IT and cloud services
Top-Notch Customer Service with a Sense of Urgency
team work in managed IT and cloud services
We are a Team, it's Us versus the problem
honesty and integrity in managed IT and cloud services
Honesty and Integrity -we do whats right even when it's more difficult.
quality work in managed IT and cloud services
We do it right, We do it once.
happy staff working your managed IT and cloud services
Work life balance, so our staff can thrive

top 10 reasons your company needs straight edge cio service

We know good CIOs are hard to find. Not to mention small businesses often can’t justify the cost of a full time position. You should never havr to operate a business without someone implementing managing your technology strategy. We offer these 10 components in our CIO service:

1. Identify Business Risks
2. Develop Long-term Tech Strategy
3. Plan Technology Budget
4. Great Business Relationship Goals
5. Implement Technology Roadmap
6. Reduce Business Impact from Past Poor Tech Solutions
7. Align Technical Communications
8. Translate Technical Conversations into Business Conversations

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