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Our proven strategies and approach give you the freedom to focus on your business and customers during this difficult time.
Peace Of Mind
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You Need Outsourced IT That Works So You Can Focus On What Matters

You should be free to focus on your team and customers during your work day, and leave the frustrating headache of managing technology behind.

The team at Straight Edge Technology is here to provide the outsourced IT support and customer service you need so you can focus on your business.

We understand how stressful IT can be, and we want to remove that stress from your day.

What’s our goal? To give you time and freedom to focus on what matters: your team, your customers, and your business.


Many tech companies play the “firefighter role.” They take care of problems after they arise and take care of the damage.

Straight Edge Technology goes one step further.

We understand that IT plays a significant role in business strategy, and we provide the IT support, technology, and tech framework you need to grow your business, not just put out the “tech fires.”

Our custom Technology Roadmap for your company does exactly that – it lays out the path that your technology should take to help your business grow by making your team more efficient and effective.

Stop band-aiding your company’s IT issues! Instead, feel empowered with a long-term plan and continued support that takes your WHOLE business into account, not just part of it.

At Straight Edge Technology, our goal is to provide the best business IT support and services for Alice, TX, and the greater Corpus Christi metro area.


“Small town values and big city ideas” is the closing pitch welcoming visitors to the City of Alice, TX on the official city website. Alice began in 1883 as a railroad junction town when the folks of a town three miles away refused to sell land to the railroad company. Since railroads were the lifeblood of the old West (much like IT is the lifeblood of the new West!), less than 20 years later the railroad won as the last of the old town moved to the railroad-connected new town. The town is named after the wife of Robert Kleberg, a hero of the Battle of San Jacinto (the final, decisive battle in the Texas Revolution, fought in present-day Houston, by General Sam Houston).


Alice is the county seat of Jim Wells County, Texas, with a 2019 estimated population of 18,682. It covers 12.58 square miles at an average elevation of 202 ft above sea level. The average temperature is a balmy 71.4 Fahrenheit with 30 inches of annual rainfall on average. The zip codes are 78332 and 78333.


While Alice began as a cattle town, the discovery of oil transformed it into an oil hub. Wikipedia writes: “Today, Alice’s economy is centered on the oil industry, with more than 100 different oil field companies located around the Alice area. Alice is called the ‘Hub City’ due to its geographical location between Corpus Christi, McAllen, Laredo, and San Antonio. Its location between these cities makes it an ideal center for distribution. Some major oil companies in Alice are Schlumberger, Halliburton and Alice serves as the headquarters for Dixie Iron Works – MSI.”


Alice is known as the “Birthplace of Tejano Music” (also known as Tex-Mex Music) due to it being the home of Ideal Records, the first record label to deal exclusively in Tejano artists. One of the two founders of Ideal also owned a jukebox company, thus Tejano music grew in popularity via jukeboxes in the era they were popular. Freddie Records and Hacienda Records were the dominant Tejano record labels in the ’70s and ’80s and also made their home in Alice.


If you’re from the Alice or Greater Corpus Christi area, and are looking for excellent IT services, then click the button below to drop us a line!