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Why Work with an MSP: Common Questions from Non-Profits – How Do MSPs Deliver Value?

Pro Tip: Differentiate Price from Value

One of the main reasons non-profits outsource IT is to save money on operational costs. But be careful! We advise cost-conscious non-profits not to make your decision on price alone. Just because an MSP is the least expensive, does not necessarily mean they provide value. 

Before making a decision about partnering with an MSP, take the time to determine how they will deliver value to your specific organization and what their relationship with other clients looks like. This will tell you a lot more about how the MSP delivers value than price alone.

How do you deliver value to non-profits?

Straight Edge has adopted a non-profit pricing mindset that is competitive and value based.

By value-based, we mean a few things:

  • A value-based approach ensures your non-profit is prepared for growth as well as the evolving technology and cybersecurity landscape.
  • We are NOT break and fix ticket masters — we are strategists. A proactive IT model is much more economical and value-based than a break/fix model.
  • The relationships we foster with our non-profit clients are the key ingredient to delivering value and it is one of the things our clients appreciate most about working with us.
  • We know how how to make use of non-profit cost benefits from vendors to help save money and secure exclusive discounts on licenses and applications.
  • We ensure that technology contributes to your standards of efficiency and drives your mission forward.
  • With the right technology and support in place, we can reduce the risk of unplanned expenses due to technical glitches and downtime.

Our Value Statement

Straight Edge Technology helps non-profit organizations accomplish their mission through better solutions aligned to a long-term strategy. We understand the impact of using the right technology and implementing a customized strategy to drive efficiency and growth. High technical debt leads to unplanned costs— like outages, cybersecurity breaches and ransomware attacks that keep you from performing your mission. We help non-profit organizations accomplish their mission through better solutions aligned to a long-term strategy. We then build a long-term strategy prioritizing technology and program solutions that make sense for your mission.

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