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No person or company likes to think of “worse case scenario” situations.

However, in today’s business world, it is important to have this conversation when it comes to your company’s data.

With so much business communication, storage, and data being stored online, or on servers that are connected to the internet, there are many ways that this data can be lost.

While many security solutions exist, it only takes one security breach or stolen password for everything to be lost. And unfortunately, 42% of small businesses have experienced a cyber attack within the past year.

This is why data backup and disaster recovery services are so important in today’s world, both in business and personal use.

Straight Edge Technology provides data backup and disaster recovery to small and medium-sized businesses in Corpus Christi, TX and San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding area.

While keeping your data is the first goal, it is important that you have peace of mind knowing that Straight Edge Technology’s data backup and disaster recovery can restore any lost or damaged software.

Why Use Data Backup for Disaster Recovery?

Technology has come a long way in a short period of time. It is hard to imagine that only 75 years ago, documents were mostly secure as long as they were kept in a locked fire-proof filing cabinet or safe.

In today’s world, with everything connected to the internet or stored on physical hard drives, thieves don’t need to physically break into your business to steal your data and create havoc. As long as they can plant a virus or malware, they can steal your data.

Today’s hackers can also target human behavior through social engineering attacks and gain access to important information that way.

The primary concern with social engineering is that it relies on human mistakes, so as long as humans are doing business, they will make mistakes that sometimes provide hackers with data or access to the data.

The bottom line?

The reason you need data backup and disaster recovery is because there are bad people after your information. They don’t care about being ethical, and they’ll do whatever it takes to take advantage of you and your business.

In fact, Norton Security projects cybercriminals will be stealing 33 billion records per year by 2023.

We understand how devastating it would be to lose your data.

Whether it is destroyed by a virus, lost by a failed hard drive, or corrupted by a malicious program, we want you to have the assurance that your data can be wholly retrieved quickly and safely.

Don’t worry about lost time or data with our data backup and disaster recovery plan!

Data Backup And Disaster Recovery As Part Of A Business Plan

When many people think of their business plan, they are usually thinking about long-term goals and strategies that help build their business.

That’s a good thing to focus on, but you also need to be aware that your best laid plans could be wiped out with one successful cyberattack.

That’s why a critical part of a company’s business plan is developing IT that will help the business grow, and protect company data.

Straight Edge Technology offers a Backup and Disaster Recovery System (BDR) designed to protect your company’s data and give you peace of mind.

Our team will meet with you to discuss the data that is important to your business and how it should be backed up. We will customize our BDR to fit with your business goals and needs.

You don’t need to worry about lost or corrupted data again when you use our DBR solution!

How Does Straight Edge Technology’s Data Backup And Disaster Recovery Work?

Our data backup and disaster recovery services are provided for a monthly flat-rate cost. There are no hidden fees or fluctuating monthly charges.

Your company’s data security is essential, and we know you want peace of mind and efficiency if you ever have your data lost or hacked.

With Straight Edge Technology’s data backup and disaster recovery, you can be assured that your data is backed up, safe, and ready to be restored in minutes if anything would happen.

HOW TO Get Started

Boost Your Business Productivity with Outsourced IT Services


Data Storage

The first thing our DBR does is to store your data away from the primary location. That way, it cannot be stolen or lost physically by a fire, break-in, or failed server.


Data Redundancy

Second, we store the data redundantly on multiple hard drives. If something happens to the primary drive or data, a simple re-route is the only thing required for you to get your data back.


Instant Access

Third, our disaster recovery system allows you to access your data in minutes. Instead of needing to wait hours for other hard drives to be wired in or replaced, you can have instant access to your data and avoid costly downtime.

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