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Our proven strategies and approach give you the freedom to focus on your business and customers during this difficult time.
Peace Of Mind
Increase Productivity
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You Need Outsourced IT That Works So You Can Focus On What Matters

You should be free to focus on your team and customers during your work day, and leave the frustrating headache of managing technology behind.

The team at Straight Edge Technology is here to provide the outsourced IT support and customer service you need so you can focus on your business.

We understand how stressful IT can be, and we want to remove that stress from your day.

What’s our goal? To give you time and freedom to focus on what matters: your team, your customers, and your business.


Many tech companies play the “firefighter role.” They take care of problems after they arise and take care of the damage.

Straight Edge Technology goes one step further.

We understand that IT plays a significant role in business strategy, and we provide the IT support, technology, and tech framework you need to grow your business, not just put out the “tech fires.”

Our custom Technology Roadmap for your company does exactly that – it lays out the path that your technology should take to help your business grow by making your team more efficient and effective.

Stop band-aiding your company’s IT issues! Instead, feel empowered with a long-term plan and continued support that takes your WHOLE business into account, not just part of it.

At Straight Edge Technology, our goal is to provide the best business IT support and services for Ingleside, TX, and the greater Corpus Christi metro area.

Ingleside was founded in the 1850s as a sleepy little agricultural town that soon focused on grape production. During this era, steam-driven ships plied trade across Corpus Christi Bay with the city of Corpus Christi. Ingleside remained a rather small community until Humble Oil built a tank farm and refinery in 1927. The town boomed with the addition of a big employer. However, a labor dispute shuttered the refinery in 1945, leading to three years of economic struggles, until Brauer Corp. opened an aluminum fabrication plant in 1948. More plants followed in 1950 and 1973.

The oil services legacy remains strong in the town with the tank farm and oil terminal, along with other oil services, dominating the satellite photos of the town. Moda Midstream now owns the Ingleside oil terminal and it’s a major Gulf Coast oil terminal for Texas, with pipelines snaking out to various oil fields from Ingleside. The tank farm and terminal holds 11.5 million barrels of oil, with another 3.5 million barrels of storage slated for completion in mid-2021.

Ingleside is located on the northeast of Corpus Christi Bay, while Corpus Christi is located on southwest of the bay. The entire bay is blocked from the Gulf of Mexico by a series of barrier islands: San Jose Island, Mustang Island, and South Padre Island. However, there is a deep channel cut through the town of Port Aransas that allows the enormous oil tankers ingress into the extremely sheltered, nearly landlocked, bay. In order to most efficiently give huge ships access, the road from Port Aransas to Ingleside terminates on either side of the channel at a small ferry terminal that shuttles vehicles back and forth across the channel.

The Ingleside zip code is 78362. It covers about 17 square miles and has a population just over 10,000.

If you’re from the Ingleside or the greater Corpus Christi area, and are looking for excellent IT services, then click the button below to drop us a line!