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As a small business owner, you depend on technology and software to keep your business running efficiently and smoothly.


But there is a problem.


Technology has issues!


Each person has a story of when their IT solutions crashed or had significant downtime.


The common themes around the stories is the frustration, stress, and headache this caused to whoever was on the receiving end of malfunctioning technology.


At Straight Edge Technology, we know you want your IT services to be running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. That is why we provide customized managed IT services in Corpus Christi, TXSan Antonio, TX, and the surrounding area.


Comprehensive IT Support

Full-service IT support that suits your businesses’ growth goals.

Cloud Services

Protect your business with secure online storage.


Limit Potential Threats,
Meet Compliance Regulations and Protect Sensitive Data.

Network Security

Create a secure network for your IT systems to protect your data and prevent risk.

IT Consulting

Enhance efficiency and boost organizational bottom-line profits with our professional IT consulting service.


Custom IT Roadmaps


It’s hard enough to troubleshoot a computer or piece of software that is malfunctioning. But even when everything is working well, the work of technology is constantly changing.


Do you want to do all the hard work of keeping up with technology updates and making wise, informed decisions about the IT side of your company on your own?


Of course not.


Our team will meet with you and develop a custom Technology Roadmap for your business in regards to IT services. We listen to the long-term goals of your company, and we develop an IT strategy that is customized for your business goals.


You can stop worrying about having outdated IT solutions and let us take care of it for you!

IT Support


We know that downtime is a killer and costs you money, time, stress, and profits.


Straight Edge Technology provides IT support to small and medium businesses in the San Antonio, TX, area so that you can be up and running as quickly as possible.


Our support team is available for a flat monthly rate based on the IT systems that you have.


Our technicians are specially trained in a variety of IT solutions and have the knowledge and skill to find and fix the root problem of almost any IT issue. Whether you need something fixed, replaced, or updated, our IT technicians will have you running again quickly.


And the best part? We do our best to show up in person so you don’t have to communicate a frustrating or complex issue through email or phone. Our understanding and competent IT specialist are right there, ready to help!

Professional IT Consultants


When it comes to your company’s technology, you need someone who understands the ins-and outs of everything from hardware maintenance and security patches for windows or anti virus software installation through email marketing solutions. You can count on our team!


We provide IT consulting to make sure your business is operating at peak efficiency and performance. Our consulting team is trained and proficient in working with small and medium business owners in looking at their business goals and how IT services play a role.


We provide consulting for the following:

  • Organizational computing requirements
  • Present and future business strategies
  • User needs and opinions
  • Company guidelines and procedures
Software Licensing And Management


Your company runs a wide variety of software applications both on your servers and online.


Working through the logistics of software licenses, users, and networking can be difficult. Straight Edge Technology offers IT services specifically designed to take care of all your licensing issues and headaches.

Flexible Solutions That Grow As You Do


As part of our Technology Roadmap, our team will develop a strategy for your business that allows optimal efficiency and flexibility for your business.


Our team will partner with you in designing an IT solution that brings true automation to many parts of your business, allowing you to get more done from more places at any time.

Remote Network Monitoring And Maintenance


When it comes to IT support, we know you want it taken care of quickly. We also know that you prefer if systems are in place to prevent the issue from ever happening.


That is why Straight Edge Technology offers remote network monitoring, maintenance, and support. We install software on your workstations and servers that monitors your IT solutions.


This allows us to do several things:

  1. We set parameters so our support team is notified immediately if there is an IT issue. In fact, our team will often see issues before your employees do!
  2. Our remote login tool allows us to see and use your employee’s screens. This allows our technician to see the exact issue your team sees without wasting any downtime.
  3. Our technicians will have access to the operating systems and programs running on your servers and workstations, and we can troubleshoot any problems or run software updates remotely.
  4. Our team is able to run updates on your software and firmware. These updates are critical in maintaining high security and preventing issues.

CUSTOM IT SERVICES So You Can Plan For Growth

You can quit fretting about technology issues and get back to your passion areas — the reason you started a business in the first place.


You deserve to focus on your business, employees, and customers, not your IT issues.


We offer our IT services at a flat monthly rate, so you don’t have to worry about fluctuating or inflated billing when you need IT support.


We want you to have complete peace of mind and know that your IT is working for your business, not against it. Whether it is upgrading software and hardware, fixing errors quickly, or keeping your data safe from the outside, we want you to sleep well at night knowing your IT is running properly.


As part of our Technology Roadmap, our team will develop a strategy for your business that allows optimal efficiency and flexibility for your business.


Our team will partner with you in designing an IT solution that brings true automation to many parts of your business, allowing you to get more done from more places at any time.

HOW TO Get Started

Boost Your Business Productivity with Outsourced IT Services


Schedule a Call

We take the time to learn about your business. What are your needs and how does technology play a role?



Once we understand your business and technology goals, we give you a custom Technology Roadmap for your ongoing outsourced IT needs.


Watch IT Start Working For You

No more IT speedbumps or hiccups! Running your business will be less stressful, and you will be free to focus on your people, business strategy, and customers.

We’re Ready To Work With You!

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