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Managed IT Services: Reduce Stress, Increase Productivity, & Choose The Right Provider

In the business world, the words ‘stress’ and ‘technology’ sadly go together a lot.

Whether it is email spam, losing data, or the remote server not working correctly, technology results in a lot of lost time, energy, and even business.

But what if your business could run its technology without the stress?

Here at Straight Edge Technology, we understand what you really want to focus on—taking care of your clients and growing your business.

If this seems only like a dream, then you need to know this is possible with managed IT services and support!

In this article, we are going to look at how managed IT reduces stress, how it increases productivity, and the top 3 reasons you need managed IT for your business.

We end the article with a list of 15 questions you need to ask your managed IT provider.

Are you ready to learn how you can say goodbye to your IT stress? 

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4 Ways Managed IT Reduces Stress

  • A Professional Has Your Back

One of the most frustrating things about technology is the helpless feeling we get when something goes wrong. Many times the issue may not be something that big, but it takes so much time and energy to solve the problem ourselves.

The beauty of having managed IT services is that you have a professional who has your back.

You no longer have to worry about your systems being updated, because that is now done by a professional. If something goes wrong, a phone call will immediately put you in touch with someone who can fix the problem quickly.

Can you picture yourself shedding the responsibility of making sure your technology is running optimally?

This doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. You can hire a managed IT firm to make it a reality!

    • Don’t Worry About Security

With everything in today’s business world connected to the Internet, security on your servers and computers is not to be taken lightly.

If you take care of your own technology security, then this is probably another stress point. Looking online will cause your mind to spin on products available, ever-changing security threats, and news on hackers.

Your data is too important to have “homemade security” protecting it!

On the other hand, you can hand your security to a trusted IT services firm and sleep soundly at night.

Having managed IT services means you have someone who is trained in security systems and up to date in the field. IT professionals stay tuned on the security pulse, and they will ensure that you have the best security for your system.

To learn more, read our blog post on current cybersecurity threats and their solutions.

  • Coaching For Your Technology

Similar to security, you are constantly bombarded with new programs, new features, new websites, and new equipment.

And they all want your business for a price.

The real question is this: Which of these programs and equipment will provide your business with the services it really needs?

Instead of spending hours researching and reading reviews from others, you can work with a managed IT service. They can advise you on the programs you should have and coach you in running and learning these programs.

And the best part?

You won’t have to install or set up the new equipment!

  • Increased Business Performance

Having your business’s IT managed by professionals is a great way to increase your profits and performance as well.

So how do you increase profit if you are spending money on an IT firm?

The answer is simple and has 3 parts.

First, an IT firm will advise you on having the optimal equipment and programs which will increase efficiency and speed.

Second, you and your staff will no longer waste precious time trying to troubleshoot glitches or security issues.

And third, your downtime due to IT issues will be minimal because of expert installation and professional customer service at your fingertips.

It’s time you stopped stressing about your company’s IT and wasting unnecessary time and resources on it. Partnering with an IT firm will reduce your stress and increase your profits!

4 Ways IT Support Increases Productivity

  • Have The Same Goals With Fewer IT Issues

As a company, you have a mission statement and company growth trajectory in your mind.

You probably know where you want to be in sales, profit, and growth next year, 5 years, and maybe even 10 years down the road.

How does your IT fit into that vision?

Have you thought about the upgrades that may be required to meet these goals?

Thinking through this on your own can be stressful, and that is why bringing a managed IT service into this long-term vision can help iron out the kinks.

Instead of you worrying about what your IT will look like down the road, having managed IT services will allow you to focus on your vision and goals for your company, and the IT firm will be able to help you implement the best technology and services to make this future become a reality.

  • Fewer Day To Day Issues

Not only will having your IT managed by another provider reduce your stress, but you will also have a decrease in day-to-day issues in your office.

When professionally-trained IT personnel go through your system, they will help you work out the kinks, bugs, and inefficiencies of your existing system.  In turn, this will help you and your team be more efficient and allow you to focus your energy at work where it really counts: growing your business.

And a wonderful side benefit?

It will also work out those annoying kinks, bugs, and other efficiencies that everyone hates but has simply learned to tolerate.

You know which ones we’re talking about!

  • Fix Your IT Correctly The First Time

With the wide range of software, hardware, and security systems available in today’s market; it is easy for many companies to quickly make a hodge-podge of systems in their office.

The problem is that this “hodge-podge” is the unseen backbone of your company. It stores and processes your data, and it is the network on which most of your work is accomplished.

If something becomes broken in this backbone, you want to fix it correctly the first time.

Simply putting a bandaid on it will not solve the issue; in fact, it can sadly lead to greater issues down the road at times.

That’s where having a managed IT service provider can be a huge boost to your productivity.

Instead of the server crashing every several weeks, which results in huge losses of time and work, you can rest knowing your managed IT support will take care of the issue correctly right away.

  • Have Regular Network & System Improvements

What happens when a salesman introduces a product to you that you want to purchase and implement into your existing network?

The salesmen always say it will work with your other programs, don’t they? And yet we still get glitches and network issues almost every time we purchase something new.

Those new integrations can waste a lot of time. Sadly, every now and then they can even lose valuable data.

Having managed IT support can help you avoid these kinds of issues.

First of all, your IT provider will be able to tell you if the new product actually will integrate correctly into your existing system.

Secondly, they will be able to set it up for you correctly on the first pass.

And thirdly, they can monitor it initially to make sure everything is working correctly and quickly address any bugs that may arise.

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3 Reasons You Need Managed IT

  • Security

Many electronics are now connected to the internet.

This is great because it means all our equipment can be accessed at any second from any location.

But this comes with a dark side.

If you can access your systems and equipment from anywhere, that means there are hackers who are attempting to do the same thing. As technology is advancing, hackers’ efforts are also advancing.

In fact, the modern hacker does very little actual hacking. Instead, they develop software or bots that can do all the “dirty work” for the hacker on a much larger scale.

So how do you protect yourself?

By having a managed IT service.

Yes, the equipment you are using usually comes with security software built-in. And yes, you can install your own security systems yourself.

However, cyber threats are constantly changing and shifting. You deserve a solution with protection that changes with the threats.

  • IT Efficiency

Technology is similar to motors and engines: The older it gets, the more it tends to drag and have issues.

It starts running slower, making more noises, and requires more resets.

How many times have you lost a report because the computer had to reset? How many frustrated employees do you have because the equipment has a few glitches? How many times has your computer frozen at the worst possible moment?

How much productivity is your business losing because you know your electronics are outdated, but you are terrified to touch them because they might break?

If any of this describes you or your business, then you need to look at having a managed IT service.

And the best part?

If having an updated system means that your productivity and profits will go up, then there is a very good chance that having an IT service could actually pay for itself!

  • Peace Of Mind

Have you ever started an old computer with your fingers crossed because there was a 50% chance it wouldn’t work the first time?

Did you ever connect to your company’s network knowing you would find multiple issues?

Have your employees stopped coming to you with technology suggestions because they know that no one has the expertise to fix it, so they keep working with archaic systems?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Having a managed IT service for your business means that you don’t have to worry about glitches or upgrades.

You can relax knowing that your equipment is set up correctly, secure, and will be properly maintained.  You can have an office that is stress-free with technology!

If any of the scenarios mentioned in this article resound with you, or if you know that your employees and customers deserve better, then today is the time to schedule an appointment to assess your needs.

15 Questions To Ask Your IT Provider

1-What is their business culture?

If possible, interact with several people inside the business, and not just your sales rep.  Being able to talk with several of their employees lets you have a good glimpse of the company culture, and if you think this culture fits well with your business.

2-Can they grow with your business?

A company’s staff size is not directly related to its level of service, but it has an impact on it. Sometimes larger companies only service larger clients, and sometimes smaller companies won’t have the resources for larger clients. Even though the staff number is not a magic answer, it helps you see if it is a good fit for your business.

3-Who are their partners?

No managed IT service provides every service perfectly themselves, and many partner with other firms or contractors for specialty services.  Knowing who these partners are gives you a glimpse of the quality of the provided work.

4-What is their business vision & goals?

A company without a clear vision or mission often does not have a clear identity as a company, and sometimes they do not know the direction they are going. A company’s vision, mission, and goals help you see the long-term direction the company is going.


5-Do they have references in your industry?

If they are providing managed IT service for any length of time, they should have references.  These references are valuable in providing their experience with the company, both good and bad. Make sure they understand your industry and workflow, a CPA firm and a Doctor’s office do not operate the same.


6-What are their strengths?

Most managed IT service providers have a market niche where they excel.  This niche might be healthcare, government, accounting, law, construction, and many more.  If an IT provider’s niche doesn’t line up with your business, it doesn’t mean they don’t provide good service, but having the two line up is advantageous.


7-What core software and hardware do they manage?

If your business relies on a specific piece of IT equipment, then you should find an IT service that is equipped to handle that software and hardware.


8-What kind of disaster recovery plan do they offer?

Don’t assume that just because they are a managed IT service, all of your data and programs are automatically backed up and ready to be restored. Make sure the company has a clear backup and restoration plan in case of failure.


9-How do they handle IT automation?

With today’s technology, a large portion of IT monitoring and issues are done automatically and with automation. However, not all automation is created equally, and you need to make sure your IT provider is using technology that handles automation as expected.


10-What services are included in their IT package?

Most managed IT services offer a variety of sales and customer packages depending on your needs and business.  It is important to know what service is included in the package you want. How often do they send you reports, how do you contact them, what is their average response time; these and other service questions need to be asked.


11-How will they help your business grow?

Obviously, their main goal is having your IT running smoothly and correctly, but you also need to ask them how they plan to help your business keep growing.


12-Do they listen to your business goals?

Managed IT services that only focus on their company are difficult to trust.  However, a provider who intentionally listens to your company’s goals and future vision shows they are willing to help your team and business grow.


13-What was a significant obstacle their company overcame?

It may seem strange to ask a company to brag on themselves, but hearing a challenge they overcame provides helpful clues. You learn about their staff’s teamwork, ability to stick to a problem, dedication to their customers, and much more.


14-How will they save you stress and time?

This might be the most important question of them all; after all, if a managed IT service is not able to make your life and business easier to manage and run, then you shouldn’t be talking with them. The answer to this question tells you their overall strategy and approach to solving your problems.


15-What happens if you decide to end the business relationship?

This is not a fun question to ask or answer, but it is important to think about what happens to your IT, data, and software if you ever switch to a different Managed IT service. No customer likes being neglected if they switch providers, and a company with a clear offboarding plan in place puts your mind at ease.


At Straight Edge Technology, we understand IT is complicated and can slow your business down.

As a provider of managed IT services in San Antonio, we want to work with you in providing a custom framework for your business so that you are free to focus on your team, your clients, and growing your business!

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