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Urgent: How To Implement A Remote Workforce Plan For Your Business

Is your business ready to work remotely?

As a business owner, you need to minimize disruptions to your business, limit employee downtime, and keep your network secure as you make this transition.

For some organizations, this is a smooth transition. For others, there are some major roadblocks that you will face. 

As a managed IT service provider, we have successfully transitioned most of our clients to a remote work environment. If you have not yet fully transitioned, here are the steps to take:

  1. Audit the remote- readiness of all computers: All endpoints need certain IT assets loaded to enable them to work right remotely and ensure the required network management. You don’t simply switch on remote access and assume everything will work.
  2. Identify those mission-critical business applications that are not remote enabled – Many core business applications such as payroll, time tracking, and accounting are often not set up for remote access and workflow. This requires a new or different set up in many cases.
  3. Prepare for the massive increase in remote workload: Many companies’ networks are set up for very limited remote access and will be overwhelmed by the new workload. If your current system includes only a few workers or night/weekend access, you will need to assess its capacity and make adjustments immediately.
  4. Your phone system may be antiquated and unable to forward and route calls — On-premise, non-cloud, or non-VOIP systems often don’t allow for remote connectivity. VOIP systems allow for very flexible call routing and reliable work at home capability.
  5. Don’t assume that cloud applications are remote ready: Cloud applications will also have to adjust for extreme remote access workflow. 
  6. Pay attention to remote cyber-security requirements: Changing to a remote model opens you up to far more cyber-security vulnerabilities. Malware could already exist on some new computers on the network. Hackers are launching new phishing and malicious content schemes, explicitly targeting the remote computing model. Employees may be on their computers for more extended periods and allowing hackers with more opportunities to intrude. Get an assessment of your new security vulnerabilities.
  7. Train your people to work remotely: Many employees may not be used to accessing the network and doing their work remotely. Train or coach the ones who need help. 

As a leading IT managed services provider, we can help in this transition. Our ideal clients are companies that have 15+ employees who use computers daily and require reliable network access to do their job.

If you are not adequately prepared to work remotely, contact Straight Edge Technology at (361) 653-1777 if you are located in Corpus Christi, (210) 904-9177 if you are located in San Antonio, or contact us by filling out our form below.

Thank you for investing the time to review this message. Straight Edge Technology sends our best wishes for your continued success in these uncertain times.


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