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Why Is My Laptop Being Loud?

The loudest part of a laptop is the fan. The fan’s purpose is to bring in cooler air from the outside into the inside of the laptop. This is to cool the components of the laptop using energy to work the computer applications. When the laptop has more heat to release, the fan spins faster which results in a louder noise. Computers overheat more as they get older, especially if the laptop vents are not cleaned regularly. The fan overheating may be attributed to dust in the works or in addition, using your laptop on your lap or a soft surface that blocks the vents which reduces airflow.

How To Prevent This:

1. Use a can of compressed air to dust out the laptop vents.

2. Remove any programs you are not using and disable as many background processes as possible. Mac users can do this using “Activity Monitor” and Windows users can use “Task Manager”.

3. You can also prevent too many processes from starting automatically when your computer boots up. If you have Windows 10 go to the startup folder and if you are a Mac user go to System Preferences > Users > Startup.

4. Mac users can also reset the system management controller

5. Another option is to buy this neat cooling pad!



A loud computer could also be caused by software issues contributing to the overuse of the computer, therefore, causing overheating. When the computer fan starts to subtly spin loudly, try to notice what you are doing on your computer at the time. Ex: running games, editing, watching videos This could cause more overheating than simply browsing the Internet. In this case, you can discontinue running that software or stop running other applications at the same time that are taking up used energy of the computer.

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