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What is Good vs. Bad Software Customization?

It’s the beginning of the holiday season! Children are getting excited about gifts from Santa. To get gifts from Santa they know they have to stay on the “nice” list and far away from the “naughty” list. Much like how children around this year work towards being “good” to receive “good” (presents), a business that has “good” software customization will have “good” outcomes with their business. So is your software getting you on the naughty or nice technology list?

Let’s get into what is “good” software customization and what is “bad” software customization. Christian Pederson, chief product officer at IFS, explains that good customization is ”…done via configurations and/or extensions that don’t modify any actual code. Rather- the core code is optimized to interpret an ever-increasing flexibility expressed through meta-data.” 

So what does this mean for you? What customization is good for you to implement to your software? 

Basic enterprise software customization allows for the software to be changed subtly to fill the operational needs of the organization or business. Some examples of this include, setting software for specific data throughput rates or software to support particular size of user base. 

What is “bad” customization?

Too much customization can make keeping up to date with product upgrades difficult. This is because it takes customers too far away from the inner makeup of the original software.  It is important to know that software vendors create their systems in either two ways. 

  1. Major single-platform: made for specific needs of specific businesses at time of implementation
  2. Industry-specific applications: made for specialized use cases

The software that includes everything possible, even options that the business never needs to use causes the vendor to have to “turn off” all the functions that the business does not want. This is bad because it adds more work, time needed, risk, and cost to the implementation process of the software. 

The more in-depth customizations that occur, the more detailed testing is needed to make sure that updates and upgrades will work when needed. 

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