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3 Tech Tools Law Firms Should Implement for Higher Efficiency

Competition between law firms is high, whether they are a small or large sized firm. The competition of law firms is what puts pricing pressure and operational efficiency at the top of the list of struggles for law firms. Technology can maximize a firm’s success. However this requires the knowledge and training of the technology that should be implemented at a law firm.

As of 2014, 25% of law firms have no security policy and less than 50% of law firms encrypt their files. Also “Bring Your Own Device” systems which are often in place at many law firms, adds to the danger of the security risk of your firm’s data and files.

Our IT Support Technicians at Straight Edge Technology understand your technology pains and want to help relieve them entirely. We have compiled what the 2017 Aderant Business of Law and Legal Technology Survey showed were the top useful technology for law firms according to 112 law professionals surveyed.

Which technology concepts have the potential to drive the most efficiency?

Automating manual tasks, integration of systems, and cloud-based solutions were 3 of the top 7 technology concepts that drive efficiency.

74% said that automating manual tasks would drive efficiency. Examples of these task include routines or repetitive tasks that can be streamlined. These are mainly administrative tasks that are usually slow which in turn causes the costs to go up for the client. Technology can be implemented for workflow to be faster.

Some common software platforms law firms require are Needles, Relativity, Office 365, Elite, OneDrive, and Equitrac. The integration of these systems ensure that law firms finish their tasks efficiently. Relativity helps with document management by sifting through hundreds of thousands of pages of documents. Needles is not recommended to be used for document management so it is vital for Needles to be integrated with another system such as Relativity that does.

Cloud based legal solutions help level the playing field between smaller sized firms and larger sized firms. It prevents firm from spending unpredictable money on patching, upgrading, or replacing servers. With data saved on the cloud, law professionals can access their information from anywhere instead of only at the office. Also it helps with promoting collaboration in your law practice because all important data is secured in one place.

To see the study in more detail that this blog post mentioned head over to Aderant.

Supporting IT is more than just a tech skill. The best providers also understand the specific needs of your industry: how you use tech, the software programs specific to your industry, and the regulatory environment you face.  That’s why Straight Edge Technology thrives to stay updated on all systems that the law industry uses. We focus on solving the pain points of your business so that you can focus on what you do best, law, not I.T.

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