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Thankfulness of Technology

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are coming up and amidst the hectic schedules of getting work done before vacations and seeing families and friends, we try to find time to appreciate the things we are thankful for.
Since technology has such a huge impact on our lives, personally and professionally, we thought we would share some of our technology favorites that we are thankful for.

David, one of our Support Desk Engineers, is thankful for remote management tools because he can connect to clients remotely. For him, life would be difficult without it and it definitely saves on the cost of gas when commuting. David uses this technology multiple times a day (which you will see is a common theme between our team members and their favorite technology).

Eugene, our technical alignment engineer, is thankful for the Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock that he uses everyday. It doubles as an alarm clock and Google Home device, so he can check his home security cameras and stop his alarms all while staying in bed.

Our President, Doug, is thankful for the Apple Watch he gifted to his wife, Kristina, who now never loses her phone anymore or misses any important messages!

Elizabeth, our Accounting Lead, is thankful for excel and calculators. For obvious reasons these tech tools make her life more productive because of the ability to perform any calculations quickly and efficiently.

And finally, I think we are all thankful for the game, Angry Birds.   Especially thankful is Steven, our service coordinator, who credits Angry Birds for providing him the ability to have no downtime and giving his life more feathers daily.


Let us know what technology you are thankful for, whether it is a household necessity or something as simple as the Angry Birds app!

Next time technology is giving you a difficult time, think of how your daily lifestyle would be without some technology (and give us a call to solve those pesky tech problems!)

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