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Data Breach at Tots & Teens Pediatrics in Corpus Christi

Just recently released, a local pediatric practice, Tots & Teens Pediatrics, had their server hacked. August 24th they discovered the company server was breached. Patients of this practice received letters this week notifying them about possible compromised personal information. This could include names, dates of birth, social security numbers, and insurance. Tots & Teens Pediatrics are advising all their affected patients to monitor their credit cards and accounts.

Personal information such as those mentioned above can be easily sold on the Dark Web to criminals who take part in identity theft and other fraud crimes.

Maintaining HIPAA compliance is a major factor to keeping all patient documentation secure. Failure to keeping your practice’s documentation protect could cause financial losses, employee downtime, and bad reputation.

With this specific data breach happening right in our city we here at Straight Edge Technology want to make sure that other businesses in Corpus Christi, especially healthcare practices, are knowledgeable on how to prevent an attack similar to this to their own business. You need IT Support to help maintain your systems and protect them from hackers.


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