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Why Construction Estimating Software Is Necessary In 2021

The opportunities created by available technology are endless for contractors and bidders interested in using construction software. Transitioning into 2021, it is important for all businesses, especially those in an industry as competitive as construction, to adopt new software. One of the most helpful applications for construction projects is construction estimating software. It is cloud or desktop technology designed to streamline and improve the process of creating cost, material, and labor estimates for construction projects. Some of the tasks contractors, engineers, and project managers can do with this software include:

  • Use custom calculation routines
  • Look at production history while estimating
  • Import DOT data
  • Build an entire estimate
  • Populate quote folders and analyze quotes
  • Copy from past estimates

How Construction Estimating Software Saves Your Team Time And Money

If multiple teams are working on a project, construction estimating software is extremely beneficial. Software with an online database becomes a huge time saver as the project can be edited anywhere and anytime across all teams. Data entry using estimating software becomes a lot easier than doing it on paper spreadsheets.

It also helps construction teams stay consistent on all of their projects. Since all of the quotes, materials, and cost information is recorded in the system, multiple estimators can step in and understand everything that has been accomplished to date.

Avoiding Scope Creep

The efficiency of construction projects greatly depends on the costs of the projects. Bidding software can easily determine the projected costs of the project and make quick cost-based adjustments. For example, you can compare the cost of wooden floors against laminate. Construction estimating software helps teams avoid scope creep by determining where all funds are being spent. Clients can see how much a change in scope would cost and are deterred from making last-minute project changes.

How Construction Estimating Software Improves Ordering Of Materials

Estimating software streamlines common construction materials for subcontractors and contractors. Users can track their materials by manufacturer item code, so there isn’t any confusion on the price or quality. This makes it easy for subcontractors to figure out the exact quantities. The software quote system also makes it easier to compare quotes to see who is the most cost-effective subcontractor.

Stay Competitive

Construction estimating software makes the entire estimating and bidding process run quicker, which gives construction companies the ability to place more bids than before. Not using this software for bidding puts your company at an automatic disadvantage with your competitors.

Next Steps For Implementing Construction Estimating Software

Having efficient and secure construction software is critical for your company to be the most competitive, productive, and cost effective in your industry.

Thankfully, you don’t have to figure out all this new software on your own!

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