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The Next Three Years: Future of Legal Technology

Over the last two years, the team at Straight Edge Technology has helped law offices adapt to new ways of working in a post-pandemic world. Law firms, their employees, and their clients, are now better prepared to connect with each other across the globe. Much of this is due to advances in cloud technology and the rise of technology-driven services.   

As we look to the future of technology for law firms, let’s look at the top 5 focus areas over the past few years, which included:

  1. Identifying all critical information systems and dependencies.
  2. Creating access permissions and remote connectivity solutions.  
  3. Right-sizing bandwidths for all employees to work effectively and efficiently when remote. 
  4. Ensuring time entry, billing, email, and document management are always accessible with a tested business continuity solution in place. 
  5. Protecting data and networks through enhanced cyber security measures, education, and technical controls.
As you set your vision for 2023 and the years to come here are a few key questions to consider:
  • What will the needs of my clients and employees look like in 2025?  
  • What will keep my firm scalable and resilient?
  • What data security measures should my firm put in place?

One of the biggest technology trends we are seeing is that most law firms, large and small, are moving to cloud-based solutions to provide more flexibility and security. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to migrate the the cloud.