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Risks to Growth, Competitiveness & Reliability in Construction Tech

Modern construction companies must not only offer exceptional services to clients, but they must maintain sound business practices that put them ahead of competitors. If your construction company doesn’t specialize in IT, security, or software, how can you ensure that you have the right foundation for growth? Ensuring the right strategic MSP partnership will alleviate a tremendous amount of internal burdens and surprises. The goal is to create a secure environment conducive to growth and new opportunities. 

Here are the most common questions we get from construction leaders evaluating our ability to create growth, a competitive edge, and proven reliability:

How does Straight Edge Technology grow with my company & keep me competitive? 

We draw up the plans! Our team facilitates strategic business reviews (SBRs)  and ongoing check-ins to ensure alignment to your business goals and upcoming projects. We provide insights on technology trends, security threats, and generate performance reports on a monthly basis. Our team collaborates with your leadership to design, budget, and plan for the future through a 1-to-2-year roadmap. We hold ourselves accountable through shared metrics, success measures, and reporting capabilities.  Our cybersecurity posture and best practices are industry leading, significantly reducing the risks of attacks, breaches, and downtime. We want to keep your reputation intact…and ours!

That sounds great but prove it! How have your clients have become more competitive through a partnership with Straight Edge Technology?

We have published case studies and testimonials from clients that have grown with us for over 17 years. Please click here to review them. This includes successful and collaborative partnerships with internal-IT staff that bolster growth. At the onset of each partnership with internal IT, we spend time documenting who is responsible and accountable for key activities, while clearly delineating roles. This is all documented in a matrix for us to anchor to, making working with us easy and collaborative. 

I am frustrated by surprise invoices and unreliable support for my employees.  How are you different?  

Straight Edge Technology has office locations in San Antonio and Corpus Christi with a full-time onsite and a virtual workforce across Texas. We do not outsource, offshore, or push virtual support to increase profit margins. We are in this for long-term relationships and want your employees to stay productive; so we do the right thing for the right reason.

Would you have your crane operator draw up blueprints and install wiring? I sure hope not.  Then why is your printer or copier repair person also working on your servers, switches, and desktops? Why are you wasting hours on virtual help when onsite help is needed in the first place? Our divisional labor structure creates highly-specialized skill sets allowing problems to get solved faster. We are  a team of focused experts — not jacks of all trades with basic to moderate competencies that put you at risk.

We keep our billing simple. Our billing is one flat fee with unlimited onsite and virtual support for issues.  We do not add additional hours or trip charges or onsite help in our service areas — no trip charges for dropping off a laptop, headset, or a mouse. Again, we are in this for the long haul!

Here are a few of our standout qualities that give you the competitive edge:

  • Our employees receive best-in-class training, certifications, and education assistance.  As a result, our clients trust us to provide competent and useful help when needed. 
  • Straight Edge Technology is industry-focused, tailoring technology and business solutions drawn from over 17 years of experience….read our case studies.  
  • We manage your vendors (negotiate cell phone contracts, call your ISP, LoB software companies, etc.) so you don’t have to. 
  • We tell you how we did and a monthly basis. To facilitate transparency, we send you key performance indicators (KPIs), tickets and trends, with planned long-term solutions. Our goal is to reduce monthly issues and respond quickly. If we fail, we will be the first to tell you. 
  • Tickets go to the right technician the first time. Our team delivers exceptional customer service by promptly resolving issues through a well-designed proprietary triage and dispatching process.  
  • Our clients say time and time again that our stand-out qualities are relationship-building, transparency, and communication. You don’t hear from us only when something breaks. 

Is your MSP committed to solving your construction firm’s biggest challenges?

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Part 2: Enhanced Internal Productivity:  Why are you putting up with partnerships that slow you down? You have a business to run!  

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