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Our proven strategies and approach give you the freedom to focus on your business and customers during this difficult time.
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Houstin is an exciting place fo industry! But with big business growth comes a strong need for adaptive Cybersecurity and IT solutions. Energy, medical, technology, and financial industries are some of the fastest growing in the Houston area. They also face some of the strictest cybersecurity regulations and rapid tech advancements each year.

Houston businesses face a variety of tech struggles but the competition doesn’t slow down long enough to let anyone catch up. As an IT Director of Business Owner, the pressure is on to keep up with the diverse competitive market in the Houston area.

We understand how stressful IT can be, and we want to remove that stress from your day. Relieve end user stress, improve systems, and ultimately help your business plan for straight forward growth.

What’s our goal? To give you time and freedom to focus on what matters: your team, your customers, and your business.


The problem? Most tech companies focus solely on IT issues – not planning for growth.

  • Inadequate Incident Response Plan.
  • High turnover ratedue to clunky tech causing frustration or communication breakdown.
  • Struggling to maintain uptime.
  • Unable to pivot to industry changes such as at-home consultations or remote working.
  • Supply chain issues causing budget fluctuations – and your IT company charges variable pricing you can’t plan for.
  • You can’t plan ahead for changes in your IT budget.
  • Your help desk is unreliable.
  • You’re not working with a local company.

Straight Edge Technology goes one step further. We understand that IT plays a significant role in business strategy. If your business goals and your IT goals are not aligned, you will find yourself frustrated, hitting wall after wall, with little time to grow and develop your business.


Straight Edge Technology works with your team to implement a Technology Roadmap to evaluate your business goals AND your IT needs.

If you’ve experienced setbacks with your current IT provider because of poor planning, then your Corpus Christi business will benefit from a Straight Forward Plan for Growth with proactive support to make sure you are in alignment.

Stop band-aiding your IT issues and, instead, feel empowered with a long-term plan and continued support that takes your WHOLE business into account, not just part of it.


Top-Notch Customer Service With A Sense Of Urgency
We are a Team. It's Us Versus The Problem
We Do What's Right Even When It's More Difficult
We Do It Right, We Do It Once
Work Life Balance, So Our Staff Can Thrive


What’s our goal? To give you time and freedom to focus on what matters: your team, your customers, and your business.


Managed IT Services
Cloud Backup
CO-Managed IT


Straight Edge Technology has worked in the local Houston area offering a variety of IT solutions for over 12 years. We know and love the Texas area and our team knows your industry. Whether we are working with your existing IT department to fill gaps or taking a fully managed IT approach, we can help support your growing Houston business achieve flexibilty in its IT services.

Never struggle with poor communication, getting the right equipment, understanding VOIP, data backups, hosted servers, or cybersecurity again.

At Straight Edge Technology, our goal is to provide the best business IT support and services for the Houston, TX metro area.

Houston is the largest city in the second-largest state of the US, though you wouldn’t know the latter by asking Texans! Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States. It’s famous for its oil industry, muggy weather, and being the location of the NASA Mission Control Center, immortalized by the unforgettable phrase, “Houston, we have a problem.” from the Apollo 13 mission. Being the control center for one of the world’s greatest accomplishments—man walking on the moon—is no small thing.

For many years, the US had a domestic oil industry, but was characterized by its reliance on Middle Eastern oil. This was true to such an extent that one of the key diplomatic battles (and occasional hot wars) of the Cold War between the US and the USSR was influence in the Middle East to secure supply of oil, especially in the case of a war. Without oil, war machines don’t get very far. However, a decade after electing a Texan as president, the US has become a net exporter of petroleum products. The US is now the #1 oil producer in the world. This feat of energy independence is due in large part to the US oil industry headquartered in Houston, TX. Just like Detroit is synonymous with US automaking, Houston is synonymous with US oil.

But Houston is far more than oil, with 23 Fortune 500 companies making their home there. Healthcare, biomedical research, aerospace, finance, IT, higher education (University of HoustonUniversity of Houston-DowntownTexas Southern, and University of Houston-Clear Lake), and manufacturing are also large sectors. The Port of Houston is the largest in the US for international trade and the sixth largest in the world. This is reflected by the forty governments with consulates or trade offices there. Houston is consistently ranked as one of the most business-friendly cities in the US which has helped lead to 20% growth in population over the past decade.

TripAdvisor lists the following as a few top attractions in Houston:

  • Houston Museum of Natural Science
  • Space Center Houston
  • Cockrell Butterfly Center
  • Minute Maid Park
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Children’s Museum Houston
  • Houston Zoo
  • The Galleria
  • Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

The Houston city website starts off their cheerful description of their hometown with a pun:

Alive with energy and rich in diversity, Houston is a dynamic mix of imagination, talent and first-class attractions that makes it a world-class city. Home to a vibrant economy, beautiful surroundings and a population full of optimism and spirit, it’s no wonder that Houston is a popular international destination.

Wikipedia gives the history of Houston’s founding and early years:

The Allen brothers—Augustus Chapman and John Kirby—explored town sites on Buffalo Bayou and Galveston Bay. According to historian David McComb, “[T]he brothers, on August 26, 1836, bought from Elizabeth E. Parrott, wife of T.F.L. Parrott and widow of John Austin, the south half of the lower league [2,214-acre (896 ha) tract] granted to her by her late husband. They paid $5,000 total, but only $1,000 of this in cash; notes made up the remainder.”The Allen brothers ran their first advertisement for Houston just four days later in the Telegraph and Texas Register, naming the notional town in honor of President Sam Houston. They successfully lobbied the Republic of Texas Congress to designate Houston as the temporary capital, agreeing to provide the new government with a state capitol building. About a dozen persons resided in the town at the beginning of 1837, but that number grew to about 1,500 by the time the Texas Congress convened in Houston for the first time that May. The Republic of Texas granted Houston incorporation on June 5, 1837, as James S. Holman became its first mayor. In the same year, Houston became the county seat of Harrisburg County (now Harris County). gives the following assortment of interesting facts about Houston:

  • At 655 square miles, the City of Houston could contain the cities of New York, Washington, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis and Miami.
  • More than 145 different languages are spoken in Houston. That’s the third largest number of languages spoken in a U.S. city behind New York (192) and LA (185). More than a third of Houstonians older than five speak a language other than English at home.
  • Houston ranks first among U.S. cities where paychecks stretch the furthest, according to Forbes.
  • Houston is home to the second largest concentration of Fortune 1000 companies in the country (49) behind New York (72).
  • Houston rates first in total park acreage among U.S. cities with more than one million residents.

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