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4 Common IT Problems Constructions Companies Face and How to Fix Them

Is Your MSP A Cost Driver Or A Strategic Partner?

With the uncertainty in today’s economy, it is tempting to save money by skimping on IT and cybersecurity. This may lean out operating expenses in the short term, but your IT environment will suffer in reliability, security, end-user support, increased downtime, and a feeling that your team can’t keep up.

The Plight of the One- or Two-Person IT Team in Construction

Often, your internal IT team is immersed in day-to-day tactical support solving end-user issues and keeping everyone connected to the network and internet.  End-users are constantly grabbing your IT person on the fly to help with issues. When end-users and the IT team do not follow a process, critical data and issue tracking through ticketing is missed.  Also, who supports vulnerabilities after-hours or when IT is sick or on vacation?

This “lean” model opens your business to increased risk of cyber-attacks, security vulnerabilities, system downtime, loss of critical data, and decreased operating efficiency. KPIs should show ticket/issue reductions each month with an increase in issues handled virtually.

Cheap IT

Some construction companies outsource their IT to a company that handles licenses, backups, and virtual help desk support. In this case, end-users can get tied up for several hours while going through varying levels of technicians troubleshooting over the phone. If the Cheap IT company determines they need to send someone out to your location, it takes additional time for them to outsource a local third-party resource, seriously impacting the productivity of your employees.

Some MSPs are great at buildouts and cabling and outsource an overseas virtual helpdesk to stay “cheap,” but the online support technician has no clue who you are as their client and simply follow a script.

In many cases, you’ll realize Cheap IT isn’t so cheap after you receive an invoice with surprise line items and invoices charging egregious hourly rates for the onsite support and trip charges. Did you invoice them back for the time they tied up your employees troubleshooting issues that were never resolved?

How to Determine If an MSP is a Strategic Partner or Cost Driver for Construction Companies?

We created a blog series to address the common IT and cybersecurity problems facing leaders in the construction industry and how a strategic MSP partnership can help address these issues. This series is based on 17 years of real-world issues that we see in construction, contracting, and sub-contracting companies throughout Texas and include:

  • Growth, Competitiveness, & Reliability 
  • Enhanced Internal Productivity
  • Financial Stability
  • Improved Security Best Practices 

Before you begin to evaluate your MSP business partnership, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What does the ideal future state of your company look like in five years?
  2. What are some technology risks, dependencies, and challenges that keep you from reaching your goals?
  3. What are the risks to your clients, employees, reputation, and family if your technology went down tomorrow? 

The answers to these questions will help you get clarity on the issues your construction company faces and how to get the most from an MSP partnership.

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Part 1: Problem: Risks to Growth, Competitiveness, & Reliability

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