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How do I keep my laptop’s battery in good health?

Most batteries for laptops should last you a few years. However, improper care can decrease that lifespan. This will cause your battery to be unable to hold a charge.

In this blog we will discuss 6 easy to implement tips to keep your laptop’s battery in its best shape.

1. Adjust your laptop’s power plan settings

There are two easy setting adjustments you can make in the control panel to save battery usage. Change your settings to power saver plan or balanced plan instead of high performance plan. Also in the power and sleep tab, set your display screen to turn off quickly after inactivity.

2. Use your brightness keys to turn the laptop screen’s brightness down as low as you can while still visible

The LCD Screen takes up the most use of battery in a laptop. You can easily lower the LCD screen brightness with brightness keys on your keyboard.

3. In control panel, disable certain devices that you are not currently using

Examples include the Wi-Fi adapter if you are somewhere without a wireless hotspot. Another device that can be disabled is the Bluetooth adapter if you are not using that feature at the moment.

4. Use hibernate mode instead of sleep mode if you will not be using your laptop for a few hours

Sleep mode can be “woken up” easily by calendar notifications or other computer updates so it would be a better option to set your laptop to hibernate mode instead.

5. Keep your laptop cool

A hot battery will degrade on health a lot faster than a cool one. A way to prevent overheating your laptop is by using a laptop stand.

6. Let your computer discharge to around 50% before charging each time

Allowing your device’s battery percentage to go down to 50% is better for your battery’s life than letting it discharge to 0% or 90%. In addition, when you charge your device to 100%, do not leave it plugged in. If you charge it overnight you can use something such as the TEKLECTRIC Indoor Auto Shut Off. This will allow you to set a timer that will stop charging your device after a certain amount of time.

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