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Managed Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity threats can cause significant damage to a business, including data breaches, theft of sensitive information, and financial loss.

By implementing reasonable cybersecurity measures, businesses can reduce the risk of these threats and protect their assets and customer data. Having strong cybersecurity helps to build trust with customers, as it shows that the business takes the protection of their personal information seriously.

Typically, when thinking about bad actors in the cybersecurity space, we think of hackers in a dark room or nation-states sponsored by governments.  In reality, cybercriminals run their operations as real businesses with operational costs, employees to pay and shrinking margins due to the volatility of digital currencies. 

With cybercriminals becoming more and more desperate to make ends meet, small to mid-sized businesses have increasingly become attractive targets due to vulnerabilities and a remote workforce.

Larger organizations take considerably more time and effort to infiltrate.  Small to mid-sized businesses are softer targets that provide quicker wins for cybercriminals.

Straight Edge Technology has over 17 years of experience improving security postures and protecting organizations within a variety of industries.

Our framework core is to Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover to achieve desired outcomes.

When you partner with Straight Edge Technology as your combined Managed Service Provider and Managed Security Services Provider you can leverage the experience of our trained security professionals to fortify your business.

Learn more about Straight Edge Technology’s Cybersecurity Offerings below:

Straight Edge ESSENTIALS

Basic, foundational cybersecurity.

  • Minimal Features & Benefits
  • Network Audit

*Now outdated for most Small Businesses, Home Offices & Non-data Operations

Straight Edge ENHANCED

The ENHANCED package includes the Cybersecurity Essentials, as well as:

  • Advanced Monitoring & Proactive Planning
  • Cybersecurity Liability & Insurance Readiness
  • Access to Our Expert Cybersecurity Team
  • Hybrid Workforce Protection
  • Email & Network Security 
  • Education to Create a Culture of Cybersecurity Awareness

A great fit for:  Growing business & organizations, hybrid workplaces, and security conscious businesses.

*Regulated organizations or businesses see Empowered offering below.

Straight Edge EMPOWERED

In addition to the offerings featured in the ENHANCED package, the EMPOWERED package is designed for highly regulated, competitive, and data-driven industries and organizations.

For organizations that want or need the highest level of cybersecurity, EMPOWERED provides governance, tools, and program level security. The enhanced security stack adds extra layers of security for your organization and meets regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Achieve and Maintain Compliance
  • Regulatory Expertise for Your Specific Industry or Field (HIPAA, CMMC, PCI, etc.)
  • Audit Readiness, Preparation & Support
  • SOC, SIEM As a Service

A great fit for:  Businesses and organizations seeking the best available in Cybersecurity Services who value their company’s data, reputation and livelihood. 

A “Must-Have” for regulated business or organizations (such as banks, credit unions, government agencies or businesses that deal with government contracts) as well as those that deal with sensitive client or employee data (such as healthcare or educational institutes).

Understanding the cybersecurity needs of your business or organization is complex.  Factors like the size of your business, the types of data you need to protect, budget, and in-house technical expertise all play a key role in determining the right solution.

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