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5 Routine Checkups every Managed IT Service Should Provide

If you are looking at different managed IT services quotes for your business, your head might be swimming a bit.

Different prices.  Different technology.  Different systems.

And each managed IT service is claiming they are bringing the best value, right?

Comparing different proposals and systems always takes some time and thought, but one thing tends to get missed when business look at installing new IT services or updating their current ones.

What is easy to forget?

Maintenance and routine checkups!

Every IT service company will want to look good on the initial install and set up, but what happens then?

When working with your various companies, here are 5 routine checkups that every managed IT service should provide to you as the customer.

1. Daily Systems Monitoring

This one seems like a bit of a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

After all, one of the main reasons you work with a managed IT service is to avoid the daily headache of making sure your systems are running correctly and secure from threats.

However, it is important to know that not all IT services will be monitoring your system daily.  Some will only look at your system on a weekly or monthly basis.

When talking with your IT service, be sure to ask them what processes they have in place in case something goes down in your system.  Will they be alerted immediately or will it take a few days before they see something is incorrect?

2. Weekly Performance Review

Daily monitoring is important to catch any security concerns or system glitches right away, but a weekly performance review is also important.

Weekly performance reviews are more proactive and help the IT service make sure that your equipment and programs are operating as expected.

For example, a central server may not have any critical issues, so it won’t be flagged on a daily monitor.  However, it may be having a non-critical issue that is causing it to run slowly. This issue would be noticed and addressed in a weekly performance review.  

3. Monthly Alignment And Success Measures

At the monthly level, you want to make sure the IT services you have in place are meeting the goals that you put in place with the managed IT service company.

Are you having issues with running the programs?  Are their glitches that should be addressed? Is it producing the results as expected?

These and other questions should be addressed on a regular timeline.  Leaving them unanswered for too long will result in frustration, bad habits, and possibly lost efficiency.

4. Quarterly Business Review And Strategy Planning

Quarterly reviews are where you look in the rearview mirror while also looking ahead.  

These meetings should go much larger than basic day-to-day operations.  Instead, they provide a time to brainstorm, strategize, and plan for the future.

As your business is growing, you will want your managed IT services to grow with it.  These meetings will allow you to think about future expansion and development, new or updated products, and customization for your business and customers.

 5. Annual Budget Checkups

Sadly managed IT services do not come at no cost, and budget meetings do need to happen.

However, they shouldn’t be happening more than once a year.  You should be able to have an agreed price and contract with your IT company, and there is no need for this contract to change on a regular basis.

The goal is to have your regular quarterly and/or monthly meetings be focused on the actual IT being provided and how it works for your company.  Don’t waste these regular meetings debating payment rates or plans.

Instead, work with your IT service to have an annual meeting where you can work out the contract and financial details, leaving your other meetings for what really matters:  growing your business.

Don’t get stuck with a managed IT service that will leave you hanging after they have installed your systems at your business!  Asking about their checkups and how they will follow up with you can help you avoid companies that provide poor customer service.

At Straight Edge Technology, we are proud to provide these regular managed IT service checkups to our customers.  Contact us today for a Discovery Call, especially if you are in the San Antonio, TX; or Corpus Christi, TX areas!]]>

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