Fort Sam Houston

The clock tower and quadrangle at Fort Sam Houston

Fort Sam Houston is a military base in San Antonio with several historic buildings and attractions that will prove to be a fun destination for the whole family. 


As you peruse the history museum, wander around the Quadrangle, check out the landmark clock tower, and grab a bite to eat, you’ll enjoy the history, prestige, and beauty of Fort Sam Houston. If you’re lucky, you’ll even be able to see a performance at the historic Fort Sam Houston Theater!


Fort Sam Houston, or “Fort Sam” as it’s often called, is named after Sam Houston, who served both as the first President of the Republic of Texas and the 7th Governor of Texas.


Fort Sam began as a Quartermaster supply depot in 1867, known as “The Post at San Antonio.” Over the years a few homes and buildings were added. Eventually, it expanded to such a degree that the complex was re-named “Fort Sam Houston.” Today, the original supply depot building is called “the Quadrangle” and is the oldest building on the premises. 

The fort has several notable distinctions. First, it’s known as “the place where aviation in the USA began.” It’s also known as the “home of Army medicine,” since after World War II, the Army chose Fort Sam Houston as their main medical training facility. Today, the fort is the largest military medical training facility in the world.

cemetery at Fort Sam Houston

The Quadrangle, which also contains the clock tower, is the most notable building in Fort Sam Houston. However, the complex contains several other notable buildings. The Pershing House was built in 1881 to house the Staff Post Commander, and it’s known for its irregular shape. Also of note are the Artillery Post and the Calvary Post Barracks. 


Visiting Fort Sam Houston today, be sure to stop by the museum in the Quadrangle. Here you will see the entire history of how the tiny “Post at San Antonio” became one of the largest military installations in the nation. 


While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the clock tower. A clock may not sound terribly exciting, but this tower was actually built as a lookout tower!


You will also enjoy the animals and birds that wander the premises, including deer, peacocks and peahens, and rabbits, creating an overall scenic landscape. 

Fort Sam Houston museum

Although the Quadrangle is the main attraction at Fort Sam Houston, the complex also boasts a theater. This historic building hosts concerts and events, including Friday Night Jazz. 


Also notable is the fort’s cemetery, where you can visit the graves of war heroes and look at the iconic memorial monuments which are carved from Texas pink granite.  


Overall, For Sam Houston is home to a number of interesting diversions, and you’ll enjoy your visit immensely.


Since Fort Sam Houston is a military base, unless you have a military ID you’ll have to enter through Walter’s Gate, the visitor access gate. Walter’s Gate is located at Winfield Scott Rd, San Antonio, TX 78208.  


Have fun exploring the iconic Fort Sam Houston! You will not be disappointed. 

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