San Antonio Botanical Garden

children playing at the San Antonio Botanical Garden

The San Antonio Botanical Garden is 38 acres of pure beauty, with just enough education and history sprinkled in to make you pause in awe and wonder. 


The garden is an explosion of color, texture, and fragrance. It’s a tranquil escape. It’s a plant museum, an outdoor classroom, and a fun escape for the whole family. And it is nothing short of spectacular. 


Containing various gardens and historic buildings, and offering many fun events and classes, your trip to the botanical gardens will be one of the highlights of your time in San Antonio.

beautiful flowers at the San Antonio Botanical Garden

Here you will find a variety of themed gardens, including:


  • The Mays Family Display Garden, which celebrates the plant life of South Central Texas specifically and serves as a living curriculum for gardeners.
  • The Zachry Foundation Culinary Garden, where food is grown and then used to train cooks in the Chef Teaching Kitchen.
  • Kumamoto En, meaning “Kumamoto Garden” in Japanese, which is an authentic Japanese garden gifted to San Antonio by Kumamoto, its sister city. 
  • The Family Adventure Garden, which is specifically designed as a place for children to play, splash in No Name Creek, and build forts in the wooded Huisache Way.
  • The Watersaver Garden, where guests can observe conservation-friendly techniques for their home gardens.
  • The Formal and Display Gardens, in the oldest section of the Botanical Garden, where specialty plant varieties sit in brick-bordered beds. This includes old-fashioned flowers, herbs, cacti and succulents, vegetables, and sensory plants.


But that’s not all! For more breathtaking plants, head to the Lucile Halsell Conservatory. Made up of five unique glass structures, this conservatory allows you to look at plants from all over the world. Stroll through the Robert and Helen Kleberg Desert Pavilion to see a display of hardy desert plants from Mexico and Southern Africa. Then head to the Gretchen Northrup Tropical Conservatory, where you can view a profusion of large, climbing, tropical plants. 

exploring the San Antonio botanical garden

For another tropical experience, the Palm and Cycad Pavilion showcases an astonishing and unique variety of cycads. Finally, head to Fern Grotto for a display of ferns, and then check out the Exhibit Room, currently displaying orchids and other epiphytes.


The botanical garden also features the Texas Native Trail, which allows visitors to “walk through Texas” by showcasing plants from three ecological regions of Texas: the Hill Country, East Texas Pineywoods, and South Texas. 


As you walk through Texas, you’ll observe several historic houses that have been moved into the botanical garden for preservation, including an east Texas log cabin and a south Texas adobe. 


The Botanical Garden offers fun family events year-round, including culinary demos, showcases of seasonal blooms like orchids or wildflowers, musical performances, plant sales, and storytimes in the garden. 


And if you have a hankering to learn to garden yourself, you’re in luck! The San Antonio Botanical Garden offers a variety of classes, including multiple gardening classes, cooking classes, and a bird-watching class.

archway at San Antonio botanical garden

Finally, if you have a special event you’d like to host in a spectacular location, the Botanical Garden has you covered! 


To view the garden for yourself, head to 555 Funston Pl, San Antonio, TX 78209. As you stroll through the gardens, observing, learning, reading, painting, or just vibing, you will be so delighted that you decided to make the stop. 

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