Everybody is a target: While security breaches on large financial companies make the news, each day small and medium sized businesses get shut down and paralyzed by security breaches, ransomware and lost of stolen data. My guess is it happened to somebody you know.

Your business reputation depends on your IT security: When you experience a serious security breach, it has the potential to impact your transactions with your customers, employees and suppliers. In one case, a dental practice had to contact all of its customers to let them know their records may have been compromised. So, when you have a breach, assume that everybody you do business with may have to know.

Breaches can shut down your business: What happens when your security is breached? Nobody can log into the network and you could lose critical customer and financial data. Basically, you are out of business until it is fixed. For example, one law firm was breached and couldn’t be restored quickly. It ended up costing them over $ 100,000 in billable time.

Employees and former employees make you vulnerable: Any person who currently has access to your network can compromise it. By simply opening the wrong email, using the wrong wireless network or failing to change their passwords, they provide the opening to outside threats. Also, any former employee, especially disgruntled ones, is a risk.

Your compliance and insurance are at risk: Because IT security is now such a clear and present business risk, it is included in a most requirements for compliance (i.e. Hippa, supplier certifications, etc.). Also, you need to factor it into your business insurance coverage and qualify for reasonable levels of coverage.

The truth is that you have already been hacked and may not know it. Many networks may have open doors to hackers and these threats can lie hidden. Or the hacker may have been able to get into your network, but the moment wasn’t right to exploit it.

Bottom line, you should assume that you will be a target of these IT security assaults and prepare yourself and your business.

How we help?

As an IT managed services provider, we protect our clients from these security threats each and every day. We can assess your vulnerabilities and identify the necessary steps to take.

The best first step would be for us to have a meeting to assess your vulnerabilities and determine what you need.

Every business needs a plan for a disaster, join us for a presentation about how to prep this year for the 2018 season. We will cover:

1. Lessons learned from Harvey
2. Review your backups strategy
3. Discuss how to quickly get up and operational after the disaster

Network with your peers, learn how you can prep your business for 2018 hurricane season.

It’s kind of like a customer appreciation party. We want our team to spend more time with our clients and our clients to spend more time together. Use this as an opportunity to network with other businesses in Corpus, or just to hang out. You are welcome to bring some folks from your office just let us know who will be joining you. We want to have plenty of food!

tacos + technology

Two words you never thought you would hear together!
Please join us for a fun evening of food, drinks and technology.