Dr. Garza

Healthcare and IT

Device Integration in a Paperless Office

Medical Practices face more and more challenges delivering healthcare services to their patients than ever before. Every provider has to see more patients with less help than they did before, and sometimes get reimbursement at lower and lower rates. Add the fact that everything has to be documented in an EMR at greater and greater details, and the formula for success and profitability gets more and more difficult. The practice technology can make this problem exponentially worse, or when working with a high octane service provider push to get more and more out of your technology investments. You have to save time everywhere you can. You cannot afford slow computers, an EMRs with process bottlenecks, and constant visits from your IT guy.

all about efficiency

Drs. McIntyre, Garza, Avila, and Jurica have chosen the path of technology efficiency. Straight Edge has had a long standing relationship helping the practice meet their goals and objectives to provide over the top patient service and care, be the most efficient with their staff and processes, to reach some of the highest patient volumes of any Eye Care practice in the country. By working with an IT provider that understands Healthcare, and the needs of a very busy practice workload they have experienced growth, efficiency gains, and profitability. Every time we meet with Dr. Garza, the conversation is about efficiency