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Technology Enabling Growth and Efficiency

Every Business needs Professionals to help them manage the business they build. Adamson CPA provides that help to their clients, but what they needed were Professionals to help them with their IT. Adamson is growing, and to support the growth, they needed to move offices. SET was able to plan and execute the move of their IT infrastructure to a new office, right before Tax season. They knew this would be a big change, and had to go without a hitch, there were no “extra” days in the schedule, or deadlines that could be pushed.

IT logistics


In addition to the complexity of moving Adamson was looking for improvement of their infrastructure. They needed to grow their capacity and capability to collaborate, improve their workflow, and secure their data. Straight Edge knows how important client data is, irreplaceable, and with a busy firm, nearly impossible to recreate financial data where Time = Money. SET created a backup solution that offers multiple onsite backups per day, and offsite backups to a our datacenter that can be used for production during a disaster.

How could a CPA firm move their office and improve their network right before Tax Season. Theses guys?