we know you want a company that offers a long term solution to your it pain

Straight Edge Technology understands that every client needs and deserves a specialized IT strategy and solution.

We provide that level of expertise and confidence so that our customers can experience the benefits of a quality network.

Bringing the expertise of larger infrastructure design and management to small businesses has been the core value of Straight Edge for over 12 years.

bottom line

Quality helpdesk and infrastructure services can save companies time and money, allow a successful business to grow and enable new technologies so that clients can be more efficient.

Most tech companies focus solely on IT issues. Your server is down, you’ve been hacked, you need software help and updates, etc.

We want to help you maximize uptime, keep your data safe and accessible and provide IT solutions to help maximize the efficiency and productivity of your workforce

more ways we make your life easier

fewer day-to-day issues
infrastructure protection
a good nights sleep